Artistic facilities

The works of Irantzu invite spectators to be part of them and to be able to interact with them, to promote participation, reflection and self-criticism. That is why the artist performs actions in a public space in order to provoke some kind of reaction from the citizens making the viewer a participant or part of her work.

His artistic practice has also resulted in her appearing before the courts, as happened with the artistic occupation of the Krea Building in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Its artistic installations are characterized by being composed of repetitions of everyday objects that are distributed throughout the space, decontextualizing the object, redefining it and allowing an infinity of readings.

Irantzu Lekue was responsible for the closing ceremony of  the Energy Waves program of the European Cultural Capital DSS2016 with her urban art installation “Aztarnak”.She made a huge fingerprint consisting of 10,000 glass bottles. Each bottle contained a message from citizens who wanted to participate in the work with a desire for culture and art.

Some Irantzu Lekue’s artistic facilities:

  • DSS2016.

  • Kaldearte. “Txoriak”. Vitoria – Gasteiz.

  • “El príncipe y el pueblo”. Vitoria Gasteiz.

  • “Harriak”. Pamplona. Navarra.

  • Irun. Azaroak 25. Kontenporanea 2017.

  • Bilbo. “Eskuak”. Espacio Open. Lehendakariarekin.

  • Palacio Euskalduna. Osalan. Jornadas de Trabajo.