Six hundred plastic apples, of unmatched beauty, brilliance and color, form a perfect circle under a dome, a geodesic dome. Geodesic domes are closely related to sacred geometry, based on one of the Platonic solids – the icosahedron. In its constitution there are pentagons -associated with the pentacle- and hexagons -associated with the Star of David, union between Heaven and Earth. The sphere confined in the geodesic dome represents mother’s belly, the womb.

The dome houses 600 plastic apples inside, which symbolize stereotypes, the symbol of sin used by the Church in the Bible, in Adam and Eve. The apple: poisoned fruit linked to women; as in Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. The artificiality of the fruit we consume, treated and waxed to delay its maturation and give it the shine and color desired by the consumer, but which, nevertheless, are tasteless and artificial.

Suspended on the circle formed by the apples, and hung in suspension inside the sacred geodesic structure, an apple bonsai. A living being, but mutilated. So that it has the desired aesthetic shape and the perfect size to have in your home. Bonsai represents the mutilation suffered and has suffered by women in almost all parts of the world: giraffe women, the size of female feet in Japan, the ablation in Africa, the carvings in the western world, etc.

A work that invites to reflection on sacred forms. On the practices that have been and are being exercised on women, on how their rights are violated (human rights), how they condemn their freedom. This is the case in many cultures, always under the influence of patriarchal religions. Patriarchal societies that have led their absolute domination to also impose stereotypes of feminine beauty throughout history.

“Original Sin” invites us to reflect on the superficiality, on what is sold, on the stereotypes of feminine beauty in the world – extrapolated, for example, to food in the western world. The duality between the natural and the artificial, about the perfection and imperfection, about the sacred or the profane.