Basque art adds its talent in support of Gara

The artists Gonzalo Etxebarria, Juan Gorriti, Koldobika Jauregi, Irantzu Lekue, Jesús Mari Lazkano, Dora Salazar, José Antonio Sistiaga, Ainize Txopitea and José Luis Zumeta  contributed one of their creations to the ARTEA GARA initiative, which next Sunday will be displayed in the form of billboards in newspaper kiosks, as part of the great solidarity campaign to face the debt of “Egin” with Social Security that Judge Baltasar Garzón unfairly imposed on GARA, and currently stands at three million euros, to be paid biannually.

A newspaper and a special day. Next Sunday will be a special solidarity day to settle the impending first payment of the debt. And this media calls on the community to get involved, a community who have shown their determination over these months in the defence of their communicative spaces. As a colourful testimony for freedom of expression without threats or traps and as a contribution to deal with economic plunder, GARA will be sold jointly and inseparably with one of the nine posters of artists collaborating in the initiative at a special price of 25 euros. And it will be an exceptional day also for subscribers (paper or digital), an opportunity to buy an extraordinary historical copy at your local kiosk.

Next Sunday, each copy of GARA will include one of the nine posters, randomly chosen and packed in a cardboard tube. These are high quality reproductions of the works provided by the artists.  68 × 48 cm, including margins, and printed on 220 gr varnished Fedrigoni Stucco Tintoretto paper, especially used for artistic reproductions, in Zamudio Printek Graphics. An opportunity to bring contemporary Basque art to every corner of Euskal Herria.

It will also be a special campaign to boost subscriptions. Each copy of the newspaper reaching a larger community of GARA-NAIZ can make a new subscription in their closest areas, thus forming part of this great day of mobilization.

Nine Basque artists made the ARTEA GARA initiative possible, which will continue in the future with new and interesting proposals. The following pages are to learn more about the creators participating in the great solidarity initiative and the respective works that will be distributed next Sunday.

Because art is also supportive and shows the best of our country.

Son nueve grandes nombres del arte contemporáneo vasco y han aportado su talento a la inmensa ola de solidaridad con GARA para hacer frente a la deuda injustamente endosada a este diario. Sus obras, por medio de reproducciones de alta calidad, estarán al alcance de todos los hogares vascos el próximo domingo 12 de mayo a través de una iniciativa solidaria especial y sin precedentes: ARTEA GARA.

Pertenecen a distintas generaciones y diferentes estilos, pero todos ellos representan el talento creativo y emprendedor del país. Son una clara expresión de nuestra diversidad y, de alguna manera, embajadores culturales de vanguardia, pues sus obras también han sido exhibidas y admiradas en galerías de todo el planeta. Ahora suman su creatividad en apoyo a GARA y la libertad de expresión.