The exhibition “Eraldaketa: sortzaileON afera” on tour around Araba

The project about creative women comes to Agurain and Amurrio

The initiative is the result of the joint work of Irantzu Lekue, the Provincial Council of Araba and the municipalities of Agurain and Amurrio

GASTEIZ The Eraldaketa: sortzaileON afera project by the Vitorian artist Irantzu Lekue focuses on the creation process, based on the creative work of women artists. After presenting her exhibition in Gasteiz  that culminated the project, and took the first step towards bringing it closer to the territory of Alava, starting in Agurain and Amurrio, in a coordinated initiative between the Provincial Council of Alava, the municipalities of Agurain and Amurrio and the artist herself. “I am very happy for the opportunity to make this journey through the plains of the Llanada and the Ayala Valley. Thanks to the commitment from the Provincial Council, we can take the piece to the sites where it was created, something that does not happen very often,” explains Lekue. On that journey, however, different Alava creators will accompany you. “We wanted to work on hybridization, because we want to add to the initiative the added value of showing the work that Alava artists are developing. Therefore, we wanted to unite different disciplines such as the performing arts, plastic arts or bertsolarism, to reach new audiences and influence people through art,” said the artist.

The exhibition can be visited in Agurain from November 27 to December 9 and in Amurrio, from December 11 to 21. In addition to the audiovisual works, some of the Errementari movie, works by the art director Izaskun Urkijo, will be exposed.

The itinerary is thus framed within the lines of work of the Foral Department of Culture to reinforce the cultural activity in the territory in coordination with the cultural leaders of each area and influence the lines of work and principles marked in the Strategic Plan of Culture of Álava such as support for local creation and the axis of culture and equality, culture and youth and culture and the Basque language.

With the testimonies, ideas and sensations collected in interviews with 12 creative women, Lekue, with the help of the journalist Olatz Alonso and the filmmaker Madier Oleaga, she presents a multiscreen exhibition with different pieces: summaries of the interviews, a short documentary that gathered the testimonies of the creators and the video art “In zian rez / Arag rez”, which reflects on the make up of today’s society and the changes necessary to create a new one.

If the exhibition is based on reflection, in both Agurain and Amurrio two performances will be organized that will focus on creation itself. They will reunite different Alava creators to publicize their work and bring them closer to the public. In Agurain it will take place on December 1 and Blanka Gomez de Segura, Irantzu Lekue, Yanela Murua, Bertrolari Aroa Arrizubieta and singer Jaione Kantaktriz will be present. In Amurrio it will be on December 13 and Gomez de Segura, Lekue and Murua will be joined by the storyteller Ane Gebara, the bertsolari Izar Mendiguren and the Orbanak group.

The project launched in spring focuses its attention on the creation of women artists through the process, from Álava, in Basque and reinforcing the role of creative women. During those months and thanks to the “Gazte sortzaileak” grant from the Diputación de Álava and the Vitoria City Council, they organized different talks in Álava and Vitoria to create a movement around art and culture in Basque,on a contemporary note.

The project was attended by the singer Zuriñe Hidalgo, the art director Izaskun Urkijo, the director of Tabakalera Ane Rodriguez Armendaritz, the head of the Basque Ceramics Museum Blanka Gomez de Segura, the choreographer and promoter of the Baratza Garazi Lopez room in Armentia, Bertsolaris Izar Mendiguren and Paula Amilburu, Huntza singer Josune Arakistain, art critic and curator Haizea Barcenilla, writer Irati Jimenez, writer and photographer Iosune de Goñi and dancer Yanela Murua.


Irantzu Lekue (Araba, 1987), artist and director of the ARTgia space, works on social art, conceptual art, artivism and art accessible through artistic installations, video art, painting and sculpture. She  won  First Prize at the Santander Foundation, the First Photographic Memories of the Canal Foundation or the Welcome Donostia 2016, among others and was responsible for the closing event at the Wave of Energy program of the European Cultural Capital DSS2016 with the urban artistic installation “Aztarnak.” She is currently preparing the #Fem_RIGHTS exhibition in Montehermoso which, in collaboration with UNESCO etxea, analyses the violation of women’s rights. In recent months he has developed several participatory murals in Ubide, Iurreta and Ali.