A sequence of 30 open books, suspended in a reduced square space, which shadows remember to the flight of birds. They reveal 30 names of women who have been pioneers, creators of new perspectives, throughout history. Own names such as Simon de Beauvoir, Camille Claudel, Marie Lavoisier, Clara Campoamor, Pantita Ramabai  or Hypatia de Alejandria, among others. Names that have been hidden from us; igonored, invisibilized and silenced by men who have even attributed those women’s accomplishments.

A Wall of methacrylate prevents cultural users from getting closed to the books. Reading these books is conscientiously complicated:it must be donde from one of the room corners, where some binoculars are available to uso and which ones is posible to read the names of these heroines. They are written at very small size, barely noticeable in their pages.

The difficulty of finding female references throughout history, the difficulty of finding them in the books and the difficulty of women to access to high office, to be valued and treated in peer-to-peer relationships, are the leit motiv of this artistic installation, Anonymous heroines.

The glass ceiling with which women still find nowadays, is understood in this installation by the artista as a symbolic barrier that has paralyzed, limited and reduced women to a minimun, to a second and unimportant place. These limitations, borders imposed on women, are represented through the impossibility of access to the room.

The artwork looks for the interaction of the public, who will trey to figure out the names of these women. Ignored for years their names appear in the books that make up this dreamlike work.