Irantzu Lekue selected by Etxepare to carry out a new project in Argentina

It is a mural of about 70 square meters in the Avelino Maure school of Godoy Cruz.

The Vitoriana has come to Argentina with Etxepare Institutua. These days will conclude his second work, one of the largest murals in Mendoza capital.

GODOY CRUZ. The desertic prints that surround the province of Mendoza and its contrast with the flora of the city are the reasons that the Basque artist Irantzu Lekue has selected for the elaboration of the mural “Co-lore” in the Argentine city of Godoy Cruz. He has done it at the Avelino Maure school in that town. “We wanted to bring our way of working here to test the muralism for social transformation in other countries, to continue internationalizing the concept. The result has been very satisfactory”.

Alejandra Ghilardi, director of the center has explained how “the students have turned to work: they have understood that they can be active people in beautifying their surroundings and the result is excellent aesthetically and educationally”

Argentina is approaching summer and Lekue acknowledges that daylight hours are helping her second job progress at a very good pace. It will end this week and then leave the Andes mountain range to move to Neuquén, in Patagonia. There, the artist has been invited to work at the Fourth Biennial of Art in Neuquén, in the Open Sky Museum section.