Art, creation and social criticism

Irantzu lekue Bio

Irantzu Lekue

Basque multidisciplinary artist

committed to social awareness

based in Vitoria- Gasteiz (Basque Country).

(1987 , Vitoria- Gasteiz ) is graduated in Fine Arts (2005) at the University of Basque Country , after studying at the University of Granada and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia. Later, she´s post graduated in Master Photoespaña: Theories and art projects, at the European University of Madrid. She has also completed Bachelor degree in Creative Media Production, with International Official degree in the School of Communication, Image and Sound (CEV) of Madrid and in the University of Essex.

The artist, has worked as a photographer, coordinating Estampa Multiple Art Fair, as a teacher workshops and in an educational programs organized by Photoespaña. In addition, she has made artistic tours in ARCO and in the Fernando Fernán Gómez Theatre of Madrid.

She has also worked and taught painting murals for IMVG (Muralístic Route of Vitoria Gasteiz).

She performs and coordinates sensory workshops promoting creativity. Furthermore, creates audiovisual productions, as a film direction and art.

Irantzu Lekue has worked in many group exhibitions in Granada, Valladolid, Madrid and Bilbao and individually, presented the projects “While there’s life…” and “IndiaSensations” in Montehermoso´s Cultural Center of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

She has participated in conferences, received a Special Mention and First Prize in the 2nd Edition of Videotalents; contest organized by Openbank and Banco Santander Foundation.

She has also won the First Prize “Photographic Memories” of the Canal Foundation and Photoespaña.