Author’s Walls

The list of cities, where the Basque artist has worked since she began to make herself known in the streets of Vitoria-Gasteiz at the end of the last centur, is very long. Irantzu Lekue was one of the artists participating in the works of the mural itinerary of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

All her known and recognizable author murals have left their mark and not only in a  visual sense. Lekue has stood out as a result of her social commitment. Her works are reflections of art, memory, social injustices and our environment.

Where can you find Author’s Walls?

  • Errekaleor. Gasteiz.

  • Usurbil

  • CIBA. Barcelona.

Intervenciones artísticas de autor

  • Elorza. Tunel de Cicujano.

  • Elorrio. Obras de arte para Eroski. Con producto local.

Mural tecnológico: Realidad aumentada

  • Maeztu