#10mila Joan Etorrian Aztarnak / Huellas

Do you remember the metaphor of the message in a bottle and thrown into the sea?

The artistic installation, “# 10000 Joan-Etorrian”, unites art, reflection and desires. DSS2016 is coming to an end and that is why this installation by the artist Irantzu Lekue aims at closing the year by gathering the reflections of the citizens and giving them an artistic translation.

A work based on citizen participation. A work that vertebra Gipuzkoa in reflection, born in the mountain and reaching to the sea. All culminating with the launch of the GPS bottle of the DSS2016  learning to the Cantabrian.


“Art it seems is the effort of deciphering or pursuing the mark left by a lost form of existence”

Maria Zambrano (Philosopher and essayist)

The year 2016 is coming to a close and together with it the cultural capital DSS2016. A year that will leave a mark on each person who has lived it and, in the city, and the territory itself. How well it will transcend or vanish in time. A year of successes and mistakes. Time marks the end of a year and the beginning of a new future, to go on searching, reflecting, creating, to fulfil dreams and goals.

We travelled throughout Gipuzkoa, carrying out a kind of trial, a participatory process of approach to social creativity. To do this, we called on the citizens of Euskal Herria to participate and express their dreams and reflections on culture and insert them in bottles. Express them to translate them. Redefine, give art, give light, hypnotize.

Each bottle contains the essence of each person, transforming into their image. Its s shapes are curved and rigid, but at the same time fragile; Like the human body, carriers of dreams and hopes. The bottle forms, the void and as they are transparent, it allows you to think about each thought created by each participant in this installation. In this way, the bottle become a transporter of dreams, illusions, desires, criticisms, praises or of emptiness itself and thus shows the interior of each person, their personality and creativity. Takes them out of the usual context, mixes them to create new objects. Forms that become flat. They separate, they come together. They hypnotize. They are part of the urban landscape, of everyday life, of everyday life. But they are redefined.

The individual, being social by nature with a desire to search, move forwards or backwards in the process of life and death, leaving a mark, creating connections with other people and generating new paths. That is why, grouping 10,000 bottles in curved and organic lines, such as glassy rivers, the natural labyrinth is formed: the fingerprint; the heart of the fingers, destined to feel, perceive and feel.

The labyrinth,

A complex structure with more than 5000 years of history, symbolizing life, death and rebirth. It represents the tortuous and error-filled path that must be travelled in order to find the centre of one’s self and wisdom. Seneca said, “To those who run in a maze, their own speed confuses them” and it is during life when we choose right and wrong paths when trying to reach our objectives. Life is like a spiral, as a natural labyrinth, a footprint”.

The footprint

It is the mark we leave with our presence, our way of being,  the ways we do things. And it is an elongated process over time; a willingness to travel the path that marks the route, as well as the thread that Theseus used to find the Minotaur and leave the labyrinth in Greek mythology. But … in the case at hand … have we reached the centre?

Red thread

Marks the driving force that drives us  forward, the sensory, the willingness to do so. Therefore, the thread runs through part of the maze, even without reaching the end, always hoping to reach its destination: desires.

Time, a path, a footprint and reflection. Francis of Doctor Desire sang, “Dream and desire, dare to transform” What is this but the basis for art, creation and feeling? Maybe it’s an ode to the urban, maybe a shout “Hau dena aldatu nahi nuke!” or a chasm between that and the what now? Meanwhile, what I really like is living it. Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking.

Date: April 6, 2020

Category: ARTivism, Expo, Installation