Belly Painting

belly painting gasteiz

Irantzu Lekue can be found on the bellies of five expectant mothers, a new canvas.  Attracted by the union between mother or father and baby, the artist


  • With a certain mystical nature, a mother raises her baby over a tree, as if she were letting it fly and setting it free to live


  • A mandala, a symbol of union, of evolution and growth around a central point: the family


  • With a comic technique, a baby is swimming (glasses and all!) in his mother’s belly


  • A strawberry moon and a baby lying peacefully in its mother’s belly


Customized orders, which reflect union and welcome. Personal and unique artistic work.  In your home or in the showroom of ARTgia Sorgune & Arretoa;  you and the artist, or with your loved ones;  something intimate, with a photo session, or with a party.  You decide how.

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