Murals for your house

Irantzu Lekue also takes art where necessary. Receives orders from individuals, can create murals for your home, for your building, for your doorway … Tell your idea and you will enjoy a piece of art in your home.

Unique and totally personalized works that can fill any corner of your home and bring it to life. Creations that humanize the spaces of your doorway, your facade or your premises.

Do you want to order a mural for your home? Tell Irantzu Lekue your idea and ask for a quote.

You can find some of them in: 

  • Calle Urbina

  • Lakua. Irati Iciar

  • Iruñea. Wonder woman

  • Iruñea. “Corto maltés”

  • Agustín. Zuia