San Román de San Millán, known as Durruma, a village located just 30 km from the capital of Alava, whose plains are set to form part of the high-speed train TAV.  The platform group against the high speed train, AHTrik ez! TAV no! together with the village town council contacted the artist to create a mural painting on one of the walls on the entrance to the village


A wall painting with character, which reflects the surroundings, the people, the traditions, and the message they wanted to convey, say No to the high-speed train.  With these ideas in mind the artist designed, in collaboration with the children and adults from Durruma, a wall paintig which welcomes people at the entrance to the village.



The Alaves mountains, the Tobería waterfalls, (known to freeze over in Winter) or the village houses are some of the features of this mural, together with some children carrying the flag AHTrik ez! TAV no alongside others practising local sports such as handball.