The typical dress of women in India is the sari. This embroidered or printed with different motifs, fabric is more than 5 meters long and is used to wrap Indian women. Under this practice, the condition that supports women in this country is located. With my return from India I brought with me a sari, which will become part of the installation by way of a gallows. To this it will accompany a bowl of red pigment to paint the siindor, a mark on the forehead of married women.

This work refers to the killing or girls abandonode carried out in India by inability of their parents from paying the dowry. In addition, women in this country will always belong to someone. Since her birth, her parents and her future husbands  marry according to (almost always arranged marriages and negotiated by their parents), become dependent on their husbands. It treats women like property and that is their conviction. Therefore, the sari hanging represents the condemnation of women.

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