IRANTZU LEKUE: Contemporary basque artist

The added value of the contemporary artist Irantzu Lekue is found in its dual artistic and social aspect. Her works tries to raise the viewers´ social awareness. To think about art and memory, about social injustices, about the importance of educating based on multiple intelligences, in a dynamic and creative way.


Community art for social transformation expressed through muralism in its social and non-individualistic sense brings the intangible value of neighbourhood collaboration and the third sector, as well as multimedia experimentation. Her work brings art to society and makes one a participant, awakening their capacity for reflection on problems and proposing alternatives to the most current social injustices.


Art residences and projects of Irantzu Lekue here and there. At the hands of UNESCO, she was invited by the United Nations to Geneva to work on education for social transformation. She has made artistic residencies in countries such as France, Switzerland or Italy.

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The revolution of the humanization of spaces through art. Health, educational, urban and public spaces are intertwined?, on many occasions, in a dehumanized and strange environment. The quality of care of spaces such as hospitals necessarily includes the humanization of services.


The challenge of the contemporary artist is to humanize the environment, through artistic activities. The humanization of the spaces has become a key piece that allows to create friendly and welcoming environments that make a positive impact on  both users and professionals.